Form W-2/1099 Tax Filing Requirements
For the State Of North Dakota

Form W-2

North Dakota Form W-2
North Dakota Form 1099

Form 1099

You can file the 1099 by three methods electronically, paper or email the text file to the mentioned address

When you file by paper, you must attach the Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld Form 307 along with 1099 Forms to report the state tax withholding. And it is not required when you file by electronically.

To file 1099 forms electronically, you must follow the IRS guidelines (p1220) and it requires “B” record for the state data.

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Deadline to File W2/1099 Forms with the
State of North Dakota

The due date for filing W2 Form is

January 2019

Due date for filing 1099 Form (NEC Reporting) is

January 2019

The due date for paper filing 1099 Form with other reported payments is February 28, 2019 and for
e-filing is April 1, 2019.

Start Filing your tax returns before the deadline to avoid last minute hurry.

Requirements to file Forms W2/1099
with the State of North Dakota

Requirements to file Forms W2/1099 with the State of North Dakota

To File Forms W2/1099 with the State, the following details are required:

  • Employer/Payer Information: Name, EIN/SSN, and Address.
  • Employee/Recipient Information: Name, EIN/SSN, and Address.
  • Federal and State Details: Federal/State income, and Taxes Withholdings.— An Easy to Use
Cloud Based Filing Solution

Built-in Error Check

Built-in Error Check

You can ensure transmitting an error-free tax returns to the State! Our tax filing Software will perform an internal audit check to avoid the rejected returns.

Bulk upload

Bulk upload

E-file all your W2/1099 forms efficiently by uploading all the employer/payer, employee/recipient information at once with our Excel template, or use your own template with the same columns.

Postal mailing

Print and Postal mailing

With our postal mailing feature, we print and mail paper copies of filed tax returns to each of your employees/recipients on behalf of you.

You can also file payroll tax forms 940/941/944, 940/941 Schedule R, 1095-B/C along with the employment tax returns W-2/1099 in minutes with our tax filing solution. Our software provides more exclusive features for Tax Professionals to file the required tax returns of their clients easily and in minutes.

Enter Business Info

Enter Employer/Payer information

Enter Recipient Info

Enter Employee/Recipient information

Enter Federal/State Info

Enter Wages/payments, federal/state taxes withheld

Transmit the Forms

Review, pay and transmit the forms

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